Gliding Barnacles / by Marc Llewellyn

It’s the mutha flippin’ Gliding Barnacles! What an event….holy dooley! A melting pot of art, music, surfing, culture and free-thinking in the seaside historical town of Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

Curated by the father/son combo of Eurico Snr + Jnr Romaguera, they set out to create an event which showcases the beautiful culture of their home town as well as an emergence of talented and 'out-of-the-box’ surfers, artists, photographers and musicians from all over the world.

A week-long celebration where there wasn’t a bad egg in the bunch. A totally positive meeting of individuals marching to the beat of their own drum, craving out a path of positivity and creativity.

Here’s a collection of my images documenting an event which is sure to become a destination event for people all over the world.