Ningaloo Reef by Marc Llewellyn


I’ve always wanted to photograph Whale Sharks underwater without the aid of a tour. After 10 days on the Ningaloo Reef off Exmouth, Western Australia, my dreams turned into reality and then some.

From encounters with 12ft tiger sharks, graceful underwater dances with giant oceanic manta rays, thrilling dives into bait-balls with frenzying sharks to slow motion glides with enormous whale sharks, the Ningaloo Reef had it all. Thick with diverse marine life all thriving in unimaginable numbers and under the watchful eye of a local population of passionate ocean conservationists.

Jordan Spee x Rhythm by Marc Llewellyn


Existing in perhaps the wrong era, Mr Jordan Spee of Perpetual Motion Surfboards accompanied me to Pitstop Hill in the Mentawai for a couple weeks surfing and hanging for a fun project for his major sponsor, Rhythm.

With a quiver of hand-shaped single fins of varying shapes and sizes, the mentawais was the perfect testing grounds to master these shapes and iron out any kinks for future shapes.

Banks Journal x Mia Taninaka by Marc Llewellyn


An ongoing series of opportunities to merge creative artists with premium apparel.

The aim for Banks Journal Studio is to provide a platform for creativity and facilitate the relationship between the two.

This season they teamed up with Australian/Japanese artist Mia Taninaka, who creates lively paintings that embody elements of magic, mysticism, and spirituality in fine lines and expansive color. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies, diverse cultures and deep spiritual practice, Mia’s paintings are interpretations of the realms beyond the surface layers of reality and inspire the viewer to explore the possibilities of subtle awareness.

Iceland Road Trip by Marc Llewellyn

Snapshots from an unforgettable road trip around Iceland in December.

No matter which way you cast your eyes in Iceland, your mind is sure to be blown. I was lucky enough to road trip around the entire country in a van this December. Take a moment to enjoy the visual beauty on offer through a country which should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Cozy Campers by Marc Llewellyn

I’ve got to say, Iceland wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable or comfortable if it wasn’t for this trusty mobile adventure home from Cozy Campers.

I think it goes without saying that Iceland is a gargantuan of unpredictable weather and varied terrain, so if you’re wanting to see everything this beautiful country has to offer, you’re going to want a reliable car. And what’s even better, one which doubles as your home when you want to escape to the quieter corners

The Cozy 3 automatic 4x4 had everything I needed and more to make this such a successful trip. Including:

  • 4x4 capabilities to handle those icy and gravel roads.

  • Parallel bench seat perfect for relaxing, reading, working or cooking which folds out easily into a double bed.

  • All the cooking equipment I could possibly need.

  • Sunroof for watching those incredible northern lights whilst laying comfortably in my bed.

  • Internal heating for those sub-zero nights.

  • Portable wifi so I could continue to work from anywhere in the country.

If you want to see Iceland properly without many restrictions and maintain a level of comfort, Cozy Campers is the way to go.

2018 National Geographic Photo Contest by Marc Llewellyn

National Geographic is currently running their annual global photo competition. And holy moly, the submissions are absolutely breathtaking.

I took a stab in the dark and entered in about 12 images….why not, eh? To my absolute surprise this drone image of a wave breaking over a crystal clear section of reef in the Mentawai Islands I took in April has made the editor’s picks. Fingers crossed for a victory when the winner is announced.