Namibia Portraits by Marc Llewellyn

It’s easy to develop preconceived notions of Africa, and it’s people, being less than safe for travellers. However, from my experience, this couldn’t be more further from the truth.

The Namibian and Botswanan people wore a constant and welcoming smile across their face and every passing of a local was met with intrigue and welcome.  A genuine and honest interaction I hadn’t encountered with any other culture.  Northern Namibia is also known for having a population of Himba People, a nomadic, unmistakably ochre-skinned tribespeople originally from Angola and still living unchanged in their mud huts today.

Canon 1v - Roll 7 - Porta 800 by Marc Llewellyn

A few years back I made an impulse purchase on a Canon EOS 1v film rig.  A work horse from yesteryear.  As big a a 1DX and heavy as a brick.  But paired with a modern prime lens can produce some amazing results - especially portraits.  This was a roll of Portra 800 used on a couple of rainy days with some friends.  The grain was a little intense when you needed to push the camera in poor light, however it performed great in good light.