Colombo To Ella by Marc Llewellyn

The very famous and stunningly beautiful train ride from Colombo (via Kandy) to Ella, high up in the tea mountains of Sri Lanka.  If you're lucky enough to find a window seat, or any seat for that matter, strap yourself in and enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka's countryside.

Wildlife Of India by Marc Llewellyn

India is thick with wildlife.  Take for example, the roads, littered with elephant, monkey, goat, dog, camel, sheep, etc.  Don't be mistaken, not all of them are friendly either, the monkeys in particular will gladly take a bite out of your Achilles.

Places Of India by Marc Llewellyn

The wildly contrasting scenes of India.  A country boasting a mix of stunning colours, architecture, symmetry and historical constructions blended with destruction, filth and forgotten spaces.

Canon 1v - Roll 7 - Porta 800 by Marc Llewellyn

A few years back I made an impulse purchase on a Canon EOS 1v film rig.  A work horse from yesteryear.  As big a a 1DX and heavy as a brick.  But paired with a modern prime lens can produce some amazing results - especially portraits.  This was a roll of Portra 800 used on a couple of rainy days with some friends.  The grain was a little intense when you needed to push the camera in poor light, however it performed great in good light.