Iceland Road Trip by Marc Llewellyn

Snapshots from an unforgettable road trip around Iceland in December.

No matter which way you cast your eyes in Iceland, your mind is sure to be blown. I was lucky enough to road trip around the entire country in a van this December. Take a moment to enjoy the visual beauty on offer through a country which should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Cozy Campers by Marc Llewellyn

I’ve got to say, Iceland wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable or comfortable if it wasn’t for this trusty mobile adventure home from Cozy Campers.

I think it goes without saying that Iceland is a gargantuan of unpredictable weather and varied terrain, so if you’re wanting to see everything this beautiful country has to offer, you’re going to want a reliable car. And what’s even better, one which doubles as your home when you want to escape to the quieter corners

The Cozy 3 automatic 4x4 had everything I needed and more to make this such a successful trip. Including:

  • 4x4 capabilities to handle those icy and gravel roads.

  • Parallel bench seat perfect for relaxing, reading, working or cooking which folds out easily into a double bed.

  • All the cooking equipment I could possibly need.

  • Sunroof for watching those incredible northern lights whilst laying comfortably in my bed.

  • Internal heating for those sub-zero nights.

  • Portable wifi so I could continue to work from anywhere in the country.

If you want to see Iceland properly without many restrictions and maintain a level of comfort, Cozy Campers is the way to go.

Namibia Landscapes by Marc Llewellyn

Namibia by far boasts the most diverse landscapes i’ve ever witnessed. From enormous sand dunes, endlessly flat and barren pans, sudden eruptions of rock formations and skeleton coasts littered with shipwrecks where the Namib desert meets the sea.

I often found that even a four hour drive would reveal four complete different terrains that looked more like another planet to me. There are sections between Solitaire and Swakpomund where the angled platelets of rock would protrude the surface in a stunning display of geology.


Colombo To Ella by Marc Llewellyn

The very famous and stunningly beautiful train ride from Colombo (via Kandy) to Ella, high up in the tea mountains of Sri Lanka.  If you're lucky enough to find a window seat, or any seat for that matter, strap yourself in and enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka's countryside.

Places Of India by Marc Llewellyn

The wildly contrasting scenes of India.  A country boasting a mix of stunning colours, architecture, symmetry and historical constructions blended with destruction, filth and forgotten spaces.