Iceland Road Trip by Marc Llewellyn

Snapshots from an unforgettable road trip around Iceland in December.

No matter which way you cast your eyes in Iceland, your mind is sure to be blown. I was lucky enough to road trip around the entire country in a van this December. Take a moment to enjoy the visual beauty on offer through a country which should be on everyone’s bucket list.

2018 National Geographic Photo Contest by Marc Llewellyn

National Geographic is currently running their annual global photo competition. And holy moly, the submissions are absolutely breathtaking.

I took a stab in the dark and entered in about 12 images….why not, eh? To my absolute surprise this drone image of a wave breaking over a crystal clear section of reef in the Mentawai Islands I took in April has made the editor’s picks. Fingers crossed for a victory when the winner is announced.

RVCA Europe - Lady Sliders by Marc Llewellyn

Summer in south-west France! Is there anything better? 16 hours of sunlight, smiling faces, warm water, great food and good vibes. 

Being based here for a few weeks armed with my camera gear has been a great opportunity to connect with a photograph some very cool people for various brands. When RVCA Europe hit us up to spend an evening with their local surf team, I jumped at the chance. The waves were horrendous but the smiles were still plastered on all faces and the crew danced on waves until the sun set around 10pm.